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Klabhouse is a young and dynamic company specialized in managing valuable/luxury properties in beautiful locations around Italy and in the carribean sea.

In 2013, we fouded the company with the idea, pretty unknown at that time, of managing the properties through the short-term rent business, which now accounts for about 20% of the entire Hospitality and Travel market. Through the years, we have expanded the business into wealth management, real estate and property finding.

Our main principles are innovation, quality and customization. Hence, in a fast-moving market, digitalization has become the key to success for KlabHouse and our clients.

Every property has to be approved by a rigorous selection process that begins with an inspection to assess the required standards. This process allows us to meet the expectations of guests who find in our selection of villas, houses and apartments the ideal solution to spend their holidays or to buy a second home.

The profitability produced, the access to international platforms and guests, the number and the quality of the reviews have increasingly made the KlabHouse property a quality product, certified by the market, and a "financial product", whose value is enhanced every year. All this leaving the possibility to the owner to enjoy the property. A winning mix!

Where we work

THE WEB SITE KlabHouse.com

Our web site www.klabhouse.com is the heart and soul of our company.
In it we gather all the information, manage the marketing and communicate our mission and image.

• Employ KlabHouse.com like a privileged window for marketing and selling the properties.

• Be an efficient tool for owners who decide to rent their properties on a short term basis.

• Achieve the satisfaction of our clients who can find in our wide selection of villas, houses, suites and apartments, the ideal choice for their holidays.

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