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Thanks to the skills acquired and the sales network established over the years in the best destinations in Italy, KlabHouse is able to support you in the research and purchase of your property as your Consultant.

In the Property Finder service our only customer is the buyer, we only make his interests.
How does it work?

The Customer gives us a written, exclusive and short term assignment where small funds, reimbursements or advances could be provided depending on the property or the assignment given.
We arrange a meeting in our office where we collect all the information related to the property you are looking for through a long (very long) interview and then we start our research.

We examine everything and everyone, we check all offers in various ways; perfectly knowing the needs, we are able to skim the offer analyzing it at the table, verifying strengths and weaknesses, personally re-viewing it only in the interest of the client.

Just when we are deeply convinced that it exactly matches the needs, we accompany the customer to see the property.

If the customer's inspection also confirms that the property is the right one, we evaluates together how to proceed with the purchase in the best way, the customer will be accompanied in all the phases up to the final purchase. KlabHouse will deal with the local agencies!!!

Fill out our request form specifying what you are you looking for, we will arrange a meeting together in order to discover your real needs.

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