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This disclosure illustrates the principles and guidelines governing the protection of users' personal data collected on or through the website It informs users of the ways in which KlabHouse ("KH") collects and uses personal data, pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196 of June 2013. The use of the site by users and the personal data provided by users on the site are subject to the terms indicated in these privacy protection principles and in the general conditions of sale.
The personal data of users who use the site are protected by KH. The methods of use of such data as well as their protection are described in this statement. This information uses the term "users" to indicate both those who access the site to enter properties they intend to rent, and to indicate travelers who use the site in order to search for holiday homes to stay in for a certain period of time. In addition, this term also refers to users of the site who intend to purchase the goods and services offered by KH on its portal. The provisions of this information also apply to other visitors to the site, such as investors or people who respond to job advertisements through the site. The processing of personal data means their collection, registration, organization, storage, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, dissemination, cancellation, distribution, interconnection and whatever else is useful for the execution of our services. including the combination of two or more of these transactions. Your personal data, recorded following the completion of our online forms, will be processed exclusively, always if authorized, for the provision of our services, for statistical purposes and for sending communications regarding the services offered by KH.

The personal information collected is used exclusively in the manner illustrated in these provisions. The site may contain links referable to websites of third parties, whose methods of protecting personal data, as well as their content, are not the responsibility of KH. Therefore, before accepting the conditions or using them, it is recommended to carefully read any information on the protection of personal data. In the absence of different explanations, the words or phrases used in this information have the same meaning as those used in the general conditions for use available in the General Conditions of Sale section.
In order to be able to use some functions and features of the site, KH requires the user to provide specific personal data.
For example, to process an order or a request for information, it may be necessary to disclose the following data (all or only part of them): name and surname, address, telephone number, current domicile, e-mail address and, in the case of member listing, payment method. In some cases, personal information may be entered on other occasions, for example during the registration phase on the site or during the publication of a real estate ad.

Personal data are obtained when the user enters, through automatic collection while using the site, during conversations or from third parties. The data obtained from third parties may include credit information, subsequently used to avoid and detect fraudulent behavior, information from mobile telephone operators, if access to the site is via mobile device, or even information from third parties, such as social networks media, if the user has given consent to the sharing of their information with them.
Further details regarding the methods of collecting personal data are provided in the following paragraphs

Purpose of collecting personal data
Personal data are generally collected for the provision of the requested services and to improve and optimize the use of the site.
The user's personal data collected by KH are used for the following purposes:
• to allow the user to be able to use the services or to support his request;
• to allow the user to request information or to receive communications and updates;
• to access all the features and options on the site;
• for sending messages aimed at improving the provision of services on the site;
• to allow subjects who have commercial relations with the user to receive appropriate assistance. For example, a traveler who has booked a certain property may need the owner-user personal data or, conversely, it may be the owner who needs the traveler's data.
• for the promotion of further services linked to the site;
• to evaluate and improve services, advertising tools and content in general;
• to verify the accuracy of the information and compare it with that held by third parties;
• to verify and avoid the prosecution of activities deemed illegal, illicit or harmful;
• to ensure the application of the provisions and conditions regarding the protection of personal information;
• for any other purpose associated with the above.

KH also uses demographic data to customize the site, to improve the services provided to users, to compile statistics and to check general consumer trends.
KH reserves the right to contact members to collect account information and how to use the services.

Disclosure and transfer of personal data
In cases authorized by applicable law, for the purposes of compliance with internal policies, or to protect assets, rights or other interests, KH may disclose and make available the personal data of its users.
Furthermore, users' personal data may be shared with:
• third parties who provide services on our behalf;
• other members, if they have commercial relations with the user in question;
• other companies or entities, for example in the event of mergers or acquisitions;
• other companies with which we collaborate for the publication of members' real estate advertisements or for the provision of promotional or other services related to the activities carried out by KH.
You may have accessed the KH website via links from the website of one of our business partners. In this case, the user consents to the sharing of his personal and purchasing data, including behavioral models, with the business partner in question, as required by the contractual relationship that binds us to the aforementioned.
Users' personal information, as resources of an economic nature, could be transferred in the event that the company KH is sold or part of it is transferred to third parties. However, users' personal data will remain subject to these provisions.

Sending the newsletter to each registered user is part of the services offered by KH. The newsletter aims to make users aware of all the news relating to the services we offer. Users have the right to unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

KH also periodically uses surveys to collect a series of useful information to evaluate the functions and services that are offered to users. The choice of whether or not to respond to a particular survey is completely free for the user.
The information collected through the surveys is used exclusively for the purpose of improving the service.

Telephone conversations
Correspondence between KH users may also take place through telephone conversations. In most cases, conversations are recorded. Recordings are treated like other data and are therefore subject to these provisions on the protection of personal data.

Travelers can send requests to members through specific links on the advertisements contained on the site. When a request is sent through these links, the recipient member will also see all the other data provided in addition to the email address, so that they can respond directly to the requestor. Communications may be accessible to KH even if the traveler has contacted the member directly. If the traveler decides to contact the member by telephone, it may be necessary to issue a telephone number to be contacted.
It is advisable not to communicate by e-mail or telephone all those information that you do not wish to provide, such as credit card details and bank details.
All inquiries, once submitted, are available to the recipient member and our customer service team.

Personal data protection
KH takes precautions - including administrative, technical and organizational measures - to protect personal data from loss, theft and abuse, as well as from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. Although no computer system is able to guarantee absolute security, we believe that the measures used by the site reduce exposure to security problems to an adequate level.
In any case, each user has the following responsibilities:
• log off or exit the site when you are not using it;
• prevent other people from using the site with the user's account;
• protect your account from unauthorized access to the site;
• not to provide third parties with the password and other access information;
• pay attention to the use of systems on the Internet, always maintaining a good level of security by protecting all data relating to the account.
It should be noted that the internet is not a safe environment and that, therefore, despite the measures adopted and the attention in the selection of the parties with whom we collaborate, it may happen that other subjects intercept or illegally access transmissions or private data.

Cookies and other technologies
Our web pages, messages sent via email, advertisements, may use cookies and other technologies. These technologies are used to:
• better understand user behavior;
• to carry out an analysis on our web pages;
• to measure the effectiveness of advertisements;
• to increase the level of security;
• for the customization of the services offered.
There are many commercial websites that use the cookie tool in a similar way to ours.
To ensure maximum transparency on the use of cookies, the user is reminded that, at any time, he can block and delete cookies, but it should be noted that the functionality of the site will be reduced.
If the user makes a simple visit to the site, some of his information is collected automatically (such as the operating system and details on the platform, type and version of the browser used, data on the computer and connection, as well as the time of access to the site).
Our system sends cookies upon entering the site, therefore, by using the site, the user accepts the receipt of cookies, unless the acceptance of cookies has been disabled by changing the settings of your browser through which it is possible to reduce the collection of information through cookies. However, in this case, the overall functionality of the site may be compromised, the user may not benefit from advertisements that reflect how our site is used, and the purpose of cookies to improve or personalize the visit may be reduced.
Numerous functions similar to that of cookies are performed by other tools, such as eg. pixel tags (also called "clear GIFs" or "web beacons"). Web beacons are usually used to check user traffic from one page to another with the aim of optimizing the flow of traffic on the web; they can also be used by advertising service providers to recognize the user when visiting the site.

Fake emails
It may happen that you receive e-mails apparently from KH or from one of the members, with the content requesting certain personal information (such as credit card details and passwords). Should this happen, users are asked to be very careful, as it is highly probable that this message comes from third parties unrelated to us who intend to obtain certain information in a completely illicit way. The phenomenon in question is called "phishing" or "spoofing". In the event that the user should receive messages of this type, please contact us.

Ability to correct or update personal information
Each user, by logging in with his own account and entering the “owners area”, will be able to view all the personal data held by KH and, at any time, will have the possibility to correct and update his data according to different needs. In order to update or correct your personal information, you must contact us. When users identify any inaccuracies in the personal information collected, they can communicate them to us so that we can take appropriate corrective measures.

Possibility of not receiving marketing communications
Users could be contacted for commercial purposes, either by telephone or by e-mail, unless the user himself has expressed the will not to receive any type of marketing communication.
In order not to receive communications for commercial purposes, the user must proceed as follows:
1. Follow the instructions in any communication or newsletter;
2. Send the request by e-mail;
3. Contact customer support.
It should be noted that once the user has changed their preferences, it may take a certain period of time before they become effective.

Retention time of personal data
Personal data will be kept for as long as necessary for the purposes for which the user has given his consent or in accordance with the provisions of the law in force. When these terms expire, the data will be deleted.

Right to erasure
At any time, a user can exercise, pursuant to art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and articles from 15 to 22 of EU Regulation no. 2016/679, the right to delete data by sending a request via email to

How to contact KH
Users can contact the customer assistance service whenever they wish to ask questions regarding these provisions on the protection of personal data and other operations carried out within the site.

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