Real Estate

“A new way of doing Real Estate”
Thanks to the long experience in the real estate management, the large database of international clients and the deep knowledge of the areas where we are active, KlabHouse operates directly in the Real Estate, it is a new way of doing Real Estate!
Taking advantage of the synergies with the short-term rental business, we allow the owner to have high income and strong international visibility, which then certify its quality and therefore its value.

Do you look at the reviews when you rent a house? Why not being able to do it even when you want to buy the house? ... with KlabHouse you can

Benefits for the buyer
• Buy valuable properties in exclusive locations
• Availability of feedbacks from the guests of the properties you are interested in buying;
• Possibility of immediate income after the purchase, customizing the strategy (dates, periods, prices, etc.)
• The property becomes a "financial product" that is valorized over time

Benefits for the owner
• Unique manager for your property sale and rent
• Customized service
• International visibility
• Exploit the profitability generated by the property to valorize it

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